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When many hear the term black box, they are reminded of aviation – a recording device found on aircrafts that holds imperative information to analyze and decode any flight. Blackbox is a healthcare solutions firm that uses data collection and analytics to maximize hospital and healthcare system infrastructures.
The healthcare industry is a notoriously crowded space, with most companies fighting to communicate to their audiences in a unique way. During our research phase we found that even when healthcare brands attempt to push outside of the norm, they fall flat. A lot of the messaging lacks personality and there is little to no attention from a visual identity system standpoint.
After compiling our research, we wanted to position Blackbox as a data-first healthcare company built directly for the humans it serves. We wanted it to feel like a tech company with humanistic qualities to draw on their human-first approach. By integrating the black box concept directly into the wordmark, the identity expands on that by encapsulating the content into box-like grid structures throughout the system, which are used to organize the content and communications.
Simplifying Tomorrows's Healthcare, Today