Brand Identity, Art Direction, Collateral Design
Boulder Valley Mutual Aid is a community-driven mutual aid network based in Boulder, Colorado. Boulder Valley Mutual Aid exists to forge a future where we care for our earth as it cares for us and we care for one another the same. They are working to make the teachings of our elder revolutionaries accessible, so that we may use them to take our own praxis. They believe that food, housing, and all other basic needs are not commodities, and they want to share the fruits of that revolution with the community.
The Boulder Valley Mutual Aid identity system needed to be authoritative and bold, without looking like a protest poster graphic. A level of sophistication and thought that would position the movement as a force to be reckoned with.
We created a dynamic identity system that uses variable-width typography to be fluid and ever-changing. A subtle way to communicate that all of our differences unite us as one, a key piece to the Boulder Valley Mutual Aid messaging puzzle. The mark is an exclamation mark that puts a foot in the ground for the organization.
Solidarity, Not Charity