Social Sleeve

Everyone has a kitchen drawer they rarely open because it's an automatic 19 minutes of Koozie Tetris to get it closed again? Your pain is felt, but it doesn't have to be. Social Sleeve is the new party starter you never knew you needed. With a patented waterproof design, Social Sleeve performs in any situation it's thrown in, bringing the party right to your hand. Their sustainability-focused mission developed the one and only reusable can and bottle wrap that can be customized to enhance any party experience. Plus, no one wants to see you drinking a Natty Ice at your kids birthday party — cover it up with an explosion of rainbow flying unicorns.


Brand Identity, Art Direction, Collateral

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The brand work Max Hofert Design did helped us nail very large promotional clients. I'll put it this way - it got us the opportunity to partner with F1 Racing, Orangetheory, and TopGolf.

Seth Bruce | Co-Founder