Brand Identity, Creative Direction, Art Direction, Outdoor, Collateral Design, Web Design
Halo is a new business endeavor by Lyft. Halo units are high-resolution monitors installed on top of yellow cabs that circulate around the busiest cities in the country. Think of Halo as thousands of digital billboards that can serve full-motion video content, allow unlimited creative swaps, and are available at the cross-streets of your choice. This project was created at Human Design, where I had the incredible opportunity to work as designer and art director on the project from start to finish.
With advertising become more invasive, consumers are increasingly aware of companies that advertise without providing value to their audience. The mission of Halo by Lyft is to bring experiences to cities through advertising. Experiences that can make moments in day to day life just a little bit more enjoyable.
We created a sleek, minimal, and punchy system that focused on the use of black with neone colors to mimic nightlife in the city. The photography is where the site comes to life - with neon duotone treatments. The communication used to promote Halo by Lyft is mainly outdoor - with media placements in busy downtown or business districts within the city. The tone stays minimal to match the visual identity, but with a humorous undertone.
Paint Cityscapes In A New Light