Brand Identity, Art Direction, UI Design, Iconography
Higher You is committed to fostering a movement that supports people and companies that hold a higher vision for a future of greater possibility. Their ambition lies in creating more joy, inspiration, and possibility in the modern world of work and beyond.
The traditional job search process can seem incredibly daunting. It leaves the candidate feeling fatigued, not allowing them to be connected with employers that share mutual passions and purpose. The result is often high turnover and burnout, with people feeling like their career pathway lacks meaning. More often than not, the industry is crowded with platforms that lack personality and purpose, while placing most emphasis on helping employers instead of employees. We needed to develop a highly-differentiated identity that not only stood out from the competitors, but reflected the core values of Higher You as an organization.
We developed a flexible identity system based off of building blocks, which form the "I" in the wordmark. They form stairs that resemble transportation into your higher self. Your future self. Through an extensive competitor audit, we formed a striking color palette highly differentiated from the dry and clinical feeling of job platforms that exist today. The palette injects life into the system through a mix of neons and jewel tones. We use the building block narrative throughout the system to create a consistent feeling of upward trajectory and optimism for what's to come.
Igniting Growth Through Inspired Work