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Huggle is a dog food brand for the craft beer-drinking, fixed gear riding, organic grocery shopping, city - slickers who take pride in their love for their dog. These are the folks that bring their dogs to the brewery so their dogs can make friends, rather than to socialize themselves.
Man's Best Friend Ought To Eat Like One
Dogs have been historically referred to as “man’s best friend,” so we wanted to bring that truth into the campaign behind the release of Huggle. The dog food category is notorious for being a sea of sameness, so we wanted to bring the animal instinct and excitement into the brand.
From that insight we formed the tagline “Man’s Best Friend Ought to Eat Like One,” which illustrates the importance of feeding our dogs like they deserved to be fed. Treating them like we would treat our best (human) friends. Continuing this feeling through the art direction, we used humans to emotionally connect the “best friend” analogy, by having them do all sorts of quirky activities a typical dog owner does with their dog. The identity is dynamic, with a flavorful color palette and calculated use of typography.