UI & UX Design
Inspire Clean Energy provides access to renewable wind, solar, and hydro energy for 100% of the electricity you use in your home. All done directly through your existing energy provider. Inspire focuses on building access to renewable energy to create a more sustainable future.
Clean Home, Clean Earth
Inspire's goal was to redesign their website with more emphasis on illustration and intentional use of color - breathing a fresh life into the design system to embolden the individual. Their previous website was mostly white and felt slightly cold and uninviting. On top of that, the topic of climate change is often addressed in a dark and unmotivating way, leaving people feeling hopeless and helpless. We needed to capture the essence of Inspire and tell their unique product story in a way no other provider in the industry was doing.
Working with a new color palette and design system, we collaborated with Inspire's Head of Product to reimagine the look and feel, as well as the content structure of the site. The approach we landed on leaned heavily into illustrative elements to garner approachability and warmth. We used bold color treatments mixed with striking imagery to create an uplifting and empowering feeling for the user. We paired that with a neighborly tone and voice to communicate the unmatched value and climate contributions of Inspire.