Brand Identity, Collateral Design
Menné is a commercial and lifestyle photographer, born and raised in Colorado. What started as macro photography and creating documentary films, lead him to a life of capturing the varieties of interests, people, and places he has found along the way.
We set out to create a highly flexible identity system that places equal emphasis on function and form. The client wanted the identity to be striking, but not distract from the main focus, which is their breathtaking photography. We needed to take a utilitarian approach, with tight organization of elements, and minimalist typography.
In collaboration with Menné we crafted a fluid identity system that leans into powerful simplicity. We chose a grotesque sans serif typeface called Neue Montreal, which would be the cornerstone of the identity. Tight grid structures are used to create optimal organization and clarity in each piece. The brand mark represents the convergence of Menné's photographic mediums, which come to life through a layered wave.