Brand Identity, Art Direction, Social Media Design
Alcohol has been influencing poor social behaviors for centuries. It comes with over 200 health risks and is a substantial cause of the declining of our society's mental health. Microdosing Psilocybin has helped a substantial amount of people. Hundreds of thousands of people are claiming to feel happier, more fulfilled, have an increased sense of self, and even cured treatment-resistant mental health problems. Founded in Amsterdam, Microdose Together aims to build community and ritual around Psilocybin in social settings, replacing alcohol for a more mindful and memorable experience.
The psychedelic space has become flooded with brands that are either cold and clinical, or trippy and expected. There's a massive worldwide stigma around psychedelics that hails from a multi-decade propaganda movement by the US government and other governmental institutions throughout the world. These movements spread misinformation and hysteria, halting study and medicinal progress of these life-saving ancient medicines. Now, they can no longer keep these medicines secret. Studies are showing unfathomable results, incomparable to any modern medicine when applied to individuals with treatment-resistant depression, crippling anxiety, and even drug addiction. The stigma that has plagued these medicines for a century continues to do so today, keeping these medicines from millions of people in need. We set out to create an identity that builds credibility and educates, while staying true to the magical moments mushrooms can provide.
We built a simplistic system that focuses on intentional use of gradients to draw attention to magical moments. Through a mix of bold sans serifs and chunky playful serifs, we created a brand that packs a punch in a subdued fashion. Focusing on education, Microdose Together uses an approachable but whimsical tone to surprise and delight the reader as they consume informative content about life-changing ancient plant medicines. Mush love!
The Fungus Among Us