Brand Identity, Art Direction, Collateral Design, Web Design, Web Development
ProfitShop is a one-stop-shop for e-commerce entrepreneurs and investors looking to automate their business endeavors. ProfitShop provides e-commerce investment opportunities for their clients. They also assist brick and mortar businesses looking to expand their business to online platforms. We worked closely with ProfitShop to develop an identity system that breaks industry conventions while instilling trust in their client base.
Ecommerce Automated
The e-commerce automation space is overloaded with noise, creating an atmosphere that makes it difficult to know who you can and cannot trust. ProfitShop uses a unique business model that incentivizes businesses. They make money when their clients make money. No hidden frills. Their successes are dependent on one another. We needed a way to stand out in the space by providing an authoritative, but warm feeling customer experience throughout every touchpoint.
The staple of the ProfitShop identity is the wordmark with a "P" that doubles as an opening door, illustrating the opportunistic nature that ProfitShop wants to put forth. The color palette is natural and calming, with subtle accents of orange to add vibrance. The identity keeps a tight grid system and is heavily influence by Swiss and utilitarian design thinking.