Brand Identity, Art Direction, Collateral Design, Web Design, Web Development
Rise Against Suicide helps youth at risk of suicide by removing the financial and social barriers to treatment, enabling them to find hope and healing. We worked closely with Rise Against Suicide to develop an approachable, yet bold identity system that resonates with both parents and children.
Breaking Barriers To Mental Health
Teen suicide is not only increasing at an exponential rate, but the age range that these tragedies are occurring within is becoming lower and lower. We sought to build a visual identity system that inspires hope and service in an area that can be very dark. We needed to balance the severity and seriousness of the subject with a visual system that felt like a warm hug for young children who need it most. A safe space, but not overly playful considering the magnitude and seriousness of the issues being presented.
We created a dynamic logotype that shows a positive trajectory into the future through its rising form. The logotype is complimented by a geometric logomark which represents a blossoming flower—a symbol of prosperity and hope. The logotype and logomark are paired with a radiant color palette that combines vivid colors with natural contrasting hues. We use a hand drawn pencil texture to bring youthfulness and humanity into the executions.