Brand Identity, Brand Strategy, Art Direction, Tone & Voice, Product Design
The Holding Company's mission is to bring you the highest-quality CBD and CBG on the market, while providing a tightly-knit community that focuses on inclusion, peace, love for one another, and of course - music. The Holding Company was born out of the 60’s counterculture movement - with influential figures like Ken Kesey, Timothy Leary, and Terence McKenna paving the way to a more open-minded society of spirituality, healing, and love. So hop on the bus, and enjoy the ride.
The CBD space is incredibly crowded. 90% of products being sold are total garbage. We wanted to position The Holding Company in a sector of its own, while communicating the patented chemical-free extraction process that makes their products so special. The owners are heavily influenced by 60's counterculture, music, psychedelics, and skateboarding. We needed a way to meld all of these influences into one cohesive identity and messaging to garner the community they seek to build around hemp and cannabis.
From brand strategy all the way to visual identity, we created a brand dripping in LSD-infused splendor. From the bubbly typeset logotype and flower peace sign mark, to the irreverent copywriting, we created a fully-immersive brand experience that takes the consumer on a trip back to Haight Ashbury. We commissioned artist and illustrator Fried Cactus Studio in London to create a series of 60's-inspired characters and illustrations that would be used on brand packaging and throughout other touch points.
A Feel Good Company